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china ozone therapy machine for beauty

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:TR
Model Number:TR7000
application:gynecological disease therapy
power:external power supply
voltage:220V or 110V

TR7000 Gynecological OZONE Therapy Instrument


1. Product description


Ozone gynecologic therapeutic apparatus is the use of ozone production technology, SCM technology, electronic technology, automatic control technology, as well as the clinical medical knowledge and ozone sterilization characteristic of organic union is together, using high frequency electric tube electrode corona discharge in air to produce ozone, the ozone is dissolved in water and the atomization gas, form the ozone water and ozone fog, used for cleaning women vagina, atomized into achieve sterilization and treatment of gynecological diseases of purpose.

The device’s main function is to rinse the treatment of female genital tract inflammation high concentrations of ozone and ozone water mist, through a special treatment to wash the genital tract therapy and aerosol therapy. At the same time, the device can also be used in general medicine and sterile water for flushing, reduces the workload of medical staff. The device for gynecological inflammation treatment provided a kind of new treatment method.

TR7000 series ozone gynecologic therapeutic instrument has a national invention patents with independent intellectual property rights, the microcomputer control technology, computer technology, automatic control technology and clinical application of organic combination, using ergonomic principles of design, operation key is highly integrated in the control panel, concise, easy to operate, the appearance of fine and high-grade generous.


2. Product characteristic


(1) The use of advanced technology to produce instant high concentration ozone gas, ozone, ozone fog;

(2) Ozone water and ozone fog treatment of gynecological inflammation of the method compared with the traditional treatment more effective and fast;

(3) The use of advanced intelligent control panel, display a more beautiful, more convenient operation;

(4) Adopting the anti interference and automatic thermostat technology, maintained the irrigation fluid temperature, lets the patient in the treatment process more comfortable;

(5) With ozone water and ozone fog two modes to choose from, to flush and therapeutic effect;

(6) Can directly use tap water, purified water, preparing medicine treatment,

(7) With ozone disinfection function.

(8) Wide bactericidal spectrum, thorough treatment, ozone can kill the female vagina all kinds of harmful pathogens, when all full contact lesions, do not stay dead, thorough treatment, administer thoroughly, has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, pain relief function, in the treatment of cervicitis meanwhile. Attendant of the other reproductive tract inflammation can be cured.

(9) No trauma, no pain, treatment head design fully into account the female physiological characteristics, treatment process without trauma, no pain, no bleeding; no scar after healing, especially suitable for nulliparous women.

(10) With repair function, ozone and active component can increase the cell viability, accelerate wound healing, shorten repair period.


3. Model specification, classification, service life


(1) Model designation by the enterprise name code, product category and product design number is composed of three parts.

(2) Labeled graph as follows

(3) According to the protection against electric shock classification: is a type I B common equipment.

(4) The service life of the instrument for 5 years.

(5) The machine running mode: continuous running more than 8 hours.

(6) According to the flammable anaesthetic mixture with air or oxygen or nitrous oxide mixture of flammable gas usage safety level classification: not with flammable anaesthetic mixture with air or oxygen or nitrous oxide mixture of flammable gas cases using equipment.


4. Applicable scope and contraindications


1, Scope of application

Applicable to fungal vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis and trichomonas vaginitis, I degrees, II degrees cervicitis treatment and vaginal douching.

2, Contraindications:

(1) In pregnant women, menstruation, abortion after the body not recovered were banned.

(2) In patients with bronchial asthma, hyperthyroidism, thrombocytopenia patients, psychiatric patients disabled.

(3) High blood pressure and severe heart disease patients with disabling.

(4) Other critically ill patients disabled.

(5) Ozone allergy or other allergic constitution disable.

(6) Banned the use of the machine to produce ozone / air mixture into the uterine cavity

(7)Instrument working environment must maintain good ventilation, avoiding the narrow space, poor ventilation, resulting in excessive concentrations of ozone.

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Ozone Therapy Instrument

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