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full digital ultrasound machine & animal ultrasound scanner for cow /pig/sheep

Type:Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Devices
Brand Name:KR
Model Number:A6
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Detection depth:≥180mm
Dead zone:≤3 mm
Amplification factor:1.0, 1.2, 1.5,2.0
Scanning manner:Electronic convex array
Working frequency:2.5MHz~5MHz
Image gray-scale:256 levels
Scanning line number:512 lines/frame
Frame rate:30 frames/second
Display screen:5 "-TFT
Battery capacity:3000mAH/7.4V

Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner


 Features and functions

² The device adopts digital sound beam forming technology, with the function to process images in terms of smoothing, filtering, edge enhancement, frame correlation and linear interpolation, so as to get clear and fine images with high resolution.

² Adopt super-large FPGA, high-performance multi-channel amplifier, integrated multi-channel ultrasound emission technology, and simple and efficient circuit structure, effectively improving its reliability.

² Adopt advanced probe production technology, so the probe is featured by multi-layer sound matching, wide frequency band, and high sensitivity.

² Adopt frequency conversion emission technology to improve the resolution of the images regardless of fields of different distances.

² Rich software functions are more suitable for requirements of users.

² The device has 2 pcs Li-ion rechargeable battery, which can continuously work for over 2 hours after fully charging.

² Adopt high-speed CMOS integrated circuit and low voltage components with low temperature rise of same energy consumption and high reliability.

² Optional display modes: B, B/B.

Under display B mode, there are a variety of display rates and depth improvement function.

² In addition to conventional measurement functions for distance, perimeter, area and other parameters, the device has the function of obstetric measurement. It has up-down reversal, left-right reversal and pseudo etc.

² With real-time clock, which can automatically show date and time.

² It can separately adjust the near-field and far-field gains and overall gain.

² There are multiple options of focus combinations for emission.

² In single-B display mode, it has the function of continuous visual field moving in real-time status.

² With external USB interface, it can transmit the data to PC.

² With video signal output format of PAL (according to different regions), it can connect with standard video input devices.

² It realizes focusing in the way of variable apertures, acoustic lens and four real-time dynamic sections, and enables users to freely select combination of focus positions in sections.

² The main measured parameters can stroed after power failures in order to keep forward when power on again. It can reset to default.

Technical specifications



3.5C8050L Convex Probe

Detection depth


Dead zone

≤3 mm



≤2 mm(Depth≤80mm)



Geometric location accuracy





Amplification factor

1.0, 1.2, 1.5,2.0

Scanning manner

Electronic convex array

Working frequency


Display mode

B, B+B

Scanning range

Convex array 70°

Image gray-scale

256 levels

Scanning line number

512 lines/frame

Frame rate

30 frames/second

Digital scanning conversion

512*512*8 bits

Display screen

5 "-TFT

Overall size


Total weight


Battery capacity


Continuous work

Over 2 hours

Power consumption


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