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new digital electronic colposcope with best quality

Type:Electronic Endoscope
Brand Name:TR
Model Number:TR6000C
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Camera pixel:1,300,000 pixels
View range: 2.5mm-20mm-320mm

New generation of digital electronic colposcope is based on the latest CCD Digital imaging technology, and use 1/4 high sensitivity Super HADTM CCD. Combining the latest SMART lens which can zoom powerfully and can be against shaking, it can enlarge images to 320 times, and the enlarged images are still clear and steady.
It is suitable to be used on clinical gynecological examination and diagnosis of cervix diseases. Relying on the magnifying power of CCD, it can discover very tiny focuses which can not be discovered by eyes. With the large screen monitor, doctors can see the vessels and tiny focuses on the cervix surface clearly. It can improve the accuracy for diagnosing cervix diseases, and provide witness for early diagnosis of cervix cancer. It will help patients to be cured efficiently and improve the curative percentage of cervix cancer.
It is also suitable for kinds of institution to examine gynecological disease and discover the diseases early, so that can cure early and restore health.  
Product Characteristics
National Patent, Independent intellectual property rights, unique design, dynamic track, acquisition images and edit report at the same time, convenient for patients to observe the lesion at the same time, improve patient’s cooperation, improve curative effects, shorten the time of examination, reduce patient’s uncomfortableness, especially suitable for the masses to examine
Use the latest DSP dynamic automatic focus system of SONY, have multi-functions such as focus automatically, magnify, reduce, tiny adjustment, frozen, luminance adjustment     
High luminance circling LED light source system, imported light unit, long life, good color temperature, temperature rising is low, real and clear image
Use international advanced corporation-grade large database and image processing software, provide powerful image processing function: acquisition, frozen, video, image processing, image Comments, specialized case management system, convenient to save files, query, retrieve,  backup and record
Original famous brand computer with high quality, provide high-speed and steady system
Multi-direction bracket especially for medical use, humanized design, beautiful out-looking, suitable for clinical use
Technical Parameters
High resolution color CCD Camera with basic performance parameter
Camera pixel:1,300,000 pixels high definition color digital CCD camera
1/4 inch color digital CCD
≥10 times digital focus adjustment, ≥22 times optic focus adjustment
High luminance F1.4.  4—64 mm optic focus adjustment lens
View range: 2.5mm—20mm—320mm
Camera resolution: ≥470TVL
Diameter of light point: more than 80mm when it is 30cm far from the light source
System image resolution: ≥400TVL
Luminance of light source: ≥1200Lux
Acquisition and save images with quality of 768*576 pixels, can display each image on whole screen, can acquisition and display 1 or 4 images in real time
Real time dynamic image processing functions: acquisition, frozen, compare, save, delete
Powerful image processing functions: choose zones, partial zoom, Enhance image, measure length and area, turn over, negative image, set the cursor, image Comments, pseudo color
Specialized case management system, convenient to save files, query, retrieve, add, modify, delete, backup
Edit the content and image of the report freely, can generate the report according to the templates or add contents by yourself
The software has the function of fluorescent response timing photograph, can acquisition many images in a moment for the pathological analysis
The software has the RCI international standard assessment system
Hardware system: high quality computer, INTEL high speed CPU, ≥1 G memory, ≥160G disk, USB video acquisition card

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